Promoter & Compere for numerous charities, mainly for the mentally handicapped and disabled children,
and with the help of many artistes and bands prepared to perform for no fee, has raised thousands of ús.

Was Entertainment Officer at two large clubs for a number of years
using his experience in the business to increase profits and introduce quality entertainment.

Although able to sing a wide range of musical styles (ballads, big band, country, jazz, rock n roll, soul, swing)
he much prefers the music of Sinatra, Andy Williams, Dean Martin, and Tony Bennett,
to name a few of the great singers of our time.

His style is relaxed, warm & friendly, and he enjoys seeing and making people happy.

Left his last band, Mystique, to emigrate to Australia in the 1980's.
He was fortunate in having musicians in his band who welcomed the disciplined and professional approach
required to perfect a polished stage performance.
The band was able to achieve the appropriate sound for the type of music they were playing by constant practice
and an ear for the authentic sound required to produce the original sound of the recording they were to perform,
which made them unique.

This approach, plus the vast range of material played, made the band of semi-professionals very successful,
the band's logo being "The band that entertains".

Robert recently performed at Arturos, an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York, with the resident band.
He has sung with Buddy Grecco in Las Vegas, and a New York Jazz Musician on Catalina Island,
and was a regular at the Night Owls Club in Aldershot, singing with Bunk Williams, John Money, Jack Parnell,
the Tony Lee Trio, Kenny Baker, Don Lusher, Betty Smith, and many other top English musicians.

He now wants to concentrate on his first love of music, singing Sinatra with a big band or smaller jazz combo.



"Rob has often been called "The Voice", but this guy sings better than Sinatra,
he sings with total committment, passion, expression, and vibrancy.
also sounds like Dean Martin, Perry Como, Andy Williams, Elvis, David Gates ..... !
Just watching Rob sing - the way he puts every fibre of his being into what he is doing - brings tears to the eye."

Bob (Robert) Smith

Vocalist / Musician / Compere / Manager
and leader of previous UK bands

"Still Waters" & "Mystique"
Recently half of duo "Nice and Easy"

Rob 07810-076412