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We offer you friendly advice every step of the way. The first thing to do is
decide on a domain name (or names) and get that (or these) registered.
Alternatively, if you already have one registered elsewhere,
then it can be transfered to us.

Next, we need to help you plan your website. It is best to think about your
theme (style/vision) and your specific needs first. Then to incorporate your
logo, pictures, and text. You will need to supply us with these.

We will discuss navigation tools, effects, animations, and any requirements
such as customer enquiry forms, etc.

We will create a prototype for you so that it will be easy to look at it and
discuss refinements.
We feel that this is the ideal method because it is so
helpful to actually be able to see the site in progress.

We will need your list of search words to include before uploading the site
to the internet and making it accessible via your own domain name.

You will still have a month from the time of uploading the completed site to
ask for fine tuning type changes at no charge. After that, changes or updates
will be done at reasonable rates for the time involved in doing the work.

E-mail forwarding is arranged so that e-mails sent to your domain will reach
you at your usual e-mail address.

We will register your site with the search engines on an ongoing basis, doing
our best to keep you near the top of the lists.

We also offer copywriting, typesetting, proofreading and graphic design services.

Please call or e-mail
to arrange for us to build your website
we offer a reliable personal service
Phone: 07707-200494


Specializing in building low cost functional web sites.
Keep it Simple - Keep it Working.

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